Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lettuce Wraps!!!!

This is one of my favorite dinners.  My husband and I always have our good fat in our last meal, so this recipe is perfect!!!!!
-1 head of iceberg lettuce
-1 tomato
-plain greek yogurt(I always use this as sour cream...much healthier)
-meat of your choice...in this one we used 93% ground beef
-1 packet of taco seasoning (McCormicks)
So all I did was sautee the beef with about half of the packet...save the other for the next time you make it....
-I chopped off the bottom of the head of lettuce and rinsed it
-chop the tomatoes, and avocados
-depending on your macros for that meal, you can use however much of each ingredient......Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**Please let me know your thoughts, and let me know if you try this!!!!  I love to hear from you!!!!!!!**


  1. Why is it important to have your good fat as the last meal? Love your blog already.


  2. Hey Dawn-
    I just like to have my good fat at my last meal...I know that Jodi told me that it helps you sleep better, so I just always did that....hope this helps!!!!

  3. This looks great! Will have to give it a try.

  4. ....and she's a great cook, too! Love it! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try this.

  5. Just had this for dinner last night Rach!! So yummy!! I like to have my good fat as my last meal too because I don't wake up STARVING in the AM!! keeps me feeling full longer!